American Agility Open 2019

April 10th-14th – Itu – São Paulo – Brazil
American Agility Open is going to be the biggest competition into the American continent! FCI Agility World Championship 2019 judge Sari Mikkilä is confirmed!


American Agility Open 2019

The American Agility Open is the main agility competition in the Americas. It will receive competitors from several countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Canada, the United States, Chile, Costa Rica, among others.
The site in the city of Itu is already known by competitors from across the continent and offers a super structure for agility, hosting and tourism for participants!

A super sport!

What is agility

Agility is a sport practiced by a team composed by a dog and its handler. The initial rules were based on equestrianism. The objective is to finish the course without committing infractions and in the shortest possible time, thus making agility a test of ability, where speed is decisive criterion of tiebreaker. It is the fastest growing canine sport in the world.










Americas & Caribbean at Brazil 2015 Highlights

The last championship of the Americas held in Brazil was a great success, check some moments of the event!

Judges from Finland, Sweden and Brazil!


Jocke Tangfelt, Suecia

Hello dear agility lovers,
will be exciting to come to brazil and meet you all.
My name is Jocke Tangfelt, I am 25 years old from Sweden, lives on the west coast in a small town called Falkenberg.

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Sari Mikkilä

My agility journey started 1993 with my shelties and I have competed actively with my own dogs since then. Now I have two shelties and one bordercollie at home.

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Samy Wroblewski

Agility has always been a part of my life, I spent 22 of my 30 years inside the agility field in some way. As a competitor I had many participations in international competitions divided between Americas and Caribbean and World Championships. I have always been very proud to represent Brazil.

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Colombia: Diego H Hernandez Garcia

     Nos conte sobre vocês. Quem é você e seu cachorro? Eu sou Diego Hernández Garcia, tenho 34 anos. No momento vou competir com Miel, Shetland Sheepdog de 6 anos, e espero subir Mago, meu border collie, para o grau 2 para competir com ele também! Eu sou...

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USA: Claudette Mo

     Nos conte sobre vocês. Quem é você e seu cachorro? Meu nome é Claudette Mo. Sou brasileira, mas morei muitos anos na Costa Rica e moro nos Estados Unidos desde 2000. Tenho 3 poodles, Simba, 11, Meeko, 7 e Nacho,2. Como e quando o agility chegou à sua...

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Costa Rica: Gerson Rodríguez

  Nos conte sobre vocês. Quem é você e seu cachorro? Meu nome é Gerson Rodríguez, tenho 53 anos, sou químico de profissão e trabalho na empresa de petróleo do meu país. Eu me considero uma pessoa fisicamente ativa e durante a minha vida eu participei de...

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Thank You To Our Partners


Thank you to our partners

The American Agility Open will be held at the Clube de Cãompo, in the city of Itu, state of São Paulo.
The city of Itu is located 100 km from the capital, 40 km from Viracopos International Airport (VCP) and 120 km from Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), one of the main airports in Latin America and with direct and daily flights from various locations of the world.

The venue

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